Fall Exterior Painting Tips

Paint roller on postHave you been putting off painting the outside of your home all summer? Summer is a busy time, juggling work and travel plans, and making improvements to your home, however necessary, tends to be swept under the rug in exchange for fun outdoor activities. However, it’s not too late to paint the exterior of your home!
Fall tends to be one the best times to tackle outdoor painting projects. In order for paint to dry properly, the best conditions are dry, consistent temperatures, with some cloud cover to block the sun’s harsher rays. Spring tends to be damp, with the winter snow still melting and the ever-present April showers either looming or just in the rearview mirror. The summer can be too hot to paint outside, with direct sunlight hitting the surfaces you are looking to paint. The surface of your home doesn’t reach a temperature cool enough for paint to stick until late in the evening, after the sun has gone down. Fall provides a happy medium: not too cold, not too hot, and with relatively stable weather. Many paint companies now offer more advanced formulas that cure well in colder weather, further extending the painting season. However, fall can seem like it happens in the blip of an eye with New England weather patterns, so it’s easier to get started on your painting sooner rather than later, before the snow hits.
If you are interested in having your home’s exterior painted this fall, contact American Painting Company! We will be proud to assist you with your home improvement project and leave your exterior even better looking than it was when we arrived. Call us today at 866-385-8888, or complete our convenient estimate request and we will be in contact with you shortly.


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