How Can I Paint Walls Covered in Wallpaper?

If you have recently moved, your new home may not share your aesthetic yet. For example, one of your bedrooms may have outdated wallpaper or nursery wallpaper. Before you start painting, you will need to safely remove the wallpaper and prepare the wall for a new surface.

Removing Wallpaper

First, you will need to prepare the room for your home improvement project. Remove all furniture, curtains, outlet covers, and hanging artwork to keep it safe from damage, and place a drop cloth down to protect the floor. Then you will need to see how the wallpaper is glued to your wall. If the wallpaper peels easily without damaging the drywall underneath, you could pull the wallpaper off the wall. If not, you will need to mix hot water, boiling water and fabric softener in a trigger sprayer and spray your walls down. This will cause the wallpaper to bubble, making it easier to remove. Use a putty knife to remove the wet paper, and repeat as needed. Wipe down your bare walls with hot water and TSP, and let it dry for several days.

Painting Your Walls

Before you repaint your walls, you will likely need to fix any blemishes or imperfections left over from the wallpaper removal. You will need to patch any cracks or holes left on your walls before sanding the walls until they are smooth. Before you apply paint, you need to apply at least one coat of primer with a roller, which allows the paint to bond to a smooth surface. After the primer has dried, you can get to painting!

Professional Painting Services in Massachusetts

If you are looking to leave the painting to the professionals, contact American Painting Company! We will repair any damage on your walls prior to painting them the color you desire. After we’re done, we will move any large furniture back to its original spot in your home. Call us today at 866-385-8888, or fill out our online contact form and we will respond shortly!


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