Does My Painting Project Require Primer?

Priming a wall before paintingBefore beginning to paint a room, most people are faced with one of the biggest questions in home improvement: does this project require a coat of primer? Some people may feel like priming is extra, unnecessary effort since it is the same process as going through and painting the room. However, the primer layer is vital to a clean, solid finish.

When to Prime Your Walls

There are certain situations when priming is vital to the painting process. New walls, especially bare wood or drywall, require primer in order to properly bond the paint. Wood and drywall are incredibly porous and require sealant for a thorough finish. If your walls previously had a glossy coat of paint, you will need primer to make your new color stick. A glossy base coat will not be able to hold the new coat without some sanding. If you are painting the walls a light color over older coats of dark paint, priming will save money in wasted paint. Two to three layers of white primer will do wonders when it comes to making your lighter paint show up on the dark walls, without wasting time painting coat after coat of the more expensive white paint.

Is Primer Ever Unnecessary?

There are a few instances when you may not need to prime the walls before painting. If you are simply applying a coat of the same color to enhance the shade or touch up any marks, priming is generally unnecessary. Some paints are manufactured with primer already mixed in, which can be used on walls in good condition. If your walls are completely clean, you may progress with painting without primer.

Professional Painting in Massachusetts

If you are unsure how to go about painting the interior or exterior of your home, leave it to the professionals and contact American Painting Company! We will fix any imperfections on your walls before proceeding with coats of primer and high-quality paint in the color of your choice. Give us a call today at 866-385-8888, or fill out our online contact form!

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