Planning Spring Painting Projects

As warmer weather quickly approaches, it’s time to start considering your exterior painting needs. Whether you’re getting ready to stage your home to sell over the summer or your existing color just needs a little bit of a lift, here’s what you need to do to successfully plan out your spring painting projects!


Choosing the color you want your home to be shouldn’t be an arduous process. Start doing research now, while the weather is too unpredictable to paint! Drive around your town and look at home improvement magazines for inspiration and start visiting hardware stores to peruse their selection and pick up paint chips so you can decide what goes best with your roof and other outdoor fixtures. If you want to change your trim and deck colors, this is the best time to do that! Make sure you are looking at colors that match and will look appealing regardless of the season. A bold color might work well in the warmer seasons, but stick out like a sore thumb after leaves have fallen.


timing is everything, and you don’t want to leave your home only half-painted if you plan on going away for much of the summer. Make sure you set aside enough time to paint your home, deck, steps, and shutters before embarking on your summertime adventures! You should also keep an eye on the weather forecast during the time you are looking to start painting. Starting to paint with rain on the horizon can compromise the paint’s ability to stick to your home’s surfaces and cause streaks and smudging in the partially dried paint. Your lawn and landscaping may also be compromised by additional humidity.

Exterior Painting in Boxford, Merrimac and Georgetown, MA

If you are interested in having your home professionally painted, contact American Painting Company today! We will work with you to choose colors and schedule a time that works best for the weather and your schedule. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

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