How Can I Prepare to Paint My Exterior?

Exterior painting season is right around the corner! Make sure your home is prepared by following these steps!

Decide what you’re going to paint

Deciding how much of your home you are going to paint is the first step to determining how you are going to go about your project. If you are only painting your shutters, you will not need as much paint as you would if you chose to paint your deck or the siding. You will need to determine the colors for each piece you will be painting. Most paint is available in swatches or chips to help you decide what matches your aesthetic.

Preparing Your Surfaces

Before you begin painting, you will need to clean the surfaces you are planning on painting. Scrub any chalk or dirt off from the reachable surfaces, and power wash the sides of the structure for a thorough clean. Cover any vulnerable plants and landscape work while you are painting to prevent splatters from leaving traces away from the intended area. Sand down and scrape any peeled or chipped paint to leave a smooth surface for the new paint to bond to.

Keep an eye on the weather

High humidity and excess heat will affect how the paint dries, leaving it more prone to blistering, streaks and smudges. As you paint, move against the sun to make sure the paint dries correctly. Remove shutters to paint them without affecting the siding underneath. Prime each step you are looking to paint and allow it to dry for up to 48 hours prior to painting.

Exterior Painting Services in Boxford & Georgetown

If you are looking to have the exterior of your home painted by professionals, contact American Painting Company today! Our team will work with you to choose colors and pick a time that will work with both your schedule and the weather. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.


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