Choosing the Right Paint or Stain for Your Deck

freshly painted deckWith warm weather on the horizon, you’re going to start spending more time outside, between cooking meals on the grill and socializing on cool nights. After several harsh and unpredictable winters, your deck may be in need of an aesthetic upgrade. Adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to your deck can boost your home’s curb appeal and make the space stand out more against your home. Choosing the right color can be tricky. Follow these tips to pick the best finish and colors for your deck upgrade this spring!

Take Your Home’s Colors Into Consideration

Your deck should be a shade that complements your home’s exterior. If you are painting the exterior of your home at the same time as your deck, finding matching colors will be an easy task. If your home has recently been painted and is still in good condition, use a color wheel to determine the best finish to match your siding. Depending on the amount of foot traffic your deck receives, you may want to choose a color that will make wear and dirt less visible.

Your Deck Material Influences Your Finish

The material your deck is constructed from has an impact on what your can use to update its color. If your deck is made from concrete, you will not be able to apply paint. However, you will be able to stain the deck in order to enhance the area. Wood and other forms of lumber can be painted or stained a different color to go with your siding and roofing.

Test Swatches on Your Deck Before Committing

Stains and paint look different throughout the day, depending on the light and the material of your deck. You may like how a particular shade looks during the day but not how it looks at dusk. Apply swatches in different areas of your deck to see how it looks throughout the day and against your décor. Different stains may have a slightly different appearance based on the type of wood or color of the concrete used. Stains also come in a range of opacities, which affect how they finish.

Deck Painting Services in Boxford & Georgetown

If you are interested in having your deck painted this spring, contact American Painting Company today! We will work with you to determine the best way to enhance your deck and help choose the best paint or stain for the surface. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

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