Picking Colors for Your Trim

As you look around various rooms in your home planning for spring painting projects, you may begin thinking about ways to make color pop among your décor. One way to make sure your walls stand out is by adding paint to your molding and trim along the corners of your walls, windows, and doorways. Painting crown molding or trim can be used to emphasize specific elements of your home, such as a mantel in an interesting material or stain or making your fireplace stand out. Before you go painting your trim, be sure to follow these tips!

Keep the Color the Same

Your trim is the one aspect of your home that carries room to room, tying the whole structure together. Painting the trim in each room the same color allows for a unified look throughout the home, making sure nothing seems out-of-place. If there are aspects of your home that you want to stand out, such as a marble counter or stone accents, leave them as is and pick a color to complement the feature.

Picking a Paint Sheen

While testing paint swatches for your trim, try a few sheens to see what matches the room best. For window and door frames, choosing a gloss or semi-gloss finish will reflect more light into the room. Flat paints are slightly less durable and better for baseboards.

When in Doubt, Pick a Neutral Color

Whether your walls are very light or very dark, white trim will enhance the room’s features and make the walls pop. However, going with a stark white shade may not be the answer. Hold up paint chips to match the perfect off-white shade with your paint color to provide a calming feel.

Interior Wall, Trim & Floor Painting in Boxford, Georgetown & Andover, MA

If you are beginning spring painting projects and are looking to have your home professionally painted, contact American Painting Company! We specialize in interior and exterior painting and will work with you to determine the best colors for your home. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

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