Tips for Painting Your Home This Summer

Spring and summer are great for outdoor home improvement projects, but excessive heat can affect how paint sticks to a surface, particularly if you are painting outdoors. If you are trying to paint outside this summer, keeping within certain temperatures and conditions can have a critical effect on how your project turns out.

Stick to Mornings

Painting early in the mornings or late evenings will allow you to get the bulk of your work down while the temperatures are relatively cool. The optimal temperature for exterior painting is 70 degrees, which can be reached when the sun is not at its peak. If you are planning on spending a lot of time on asphalt or on your roof, waiting for the surfaces to cool down will help you avoid burns and let the paint properly bond to your siding. Avoid painting in direct sunlight to protect the integrity of the paint.

Check the Weather Report Frequently

You’ll want to paint during a stretch of time where the weather is mild, without major changes. If a particularly windy day or rain is in the forecast, you should postpone painting until things clear up. Excessive winds will cause debris to fly into the wet paint, getting stuck to it before it finishes drying, and rain will ruin the finish of the paint, causing it to dry with splotches.

Prepare Your Surface

For the best results, make sure you spend as much time preparing the surface as you do painting it. Remove your shutters before beginning to paint, and power wash your siding to remove any dust or mildew.  Cover any plants within the area you are painting with drop cloths and tarps to prevent splatters.

Exterior Painting in Boxford, Merrimac & Georgetown, MA

If you are interested in having your home professionally painted this summer, contact American Painting Company today! We can provide you with a free, written estimate of our services, including siding, deck and porch painting. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

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