Planning Spring Painting Projects

As warmer weather quickly approaches, it’s time to start considering your exterior painting needs. Whether you’re getting ready to stage your home to sell over the summer or your existing color just needs a little bit of a lift, here’s what you need to do to successfully plan out your spring painting projects!


Choosing the color you want your home to be shouldn’t be an arduous process. Start doing research now, while the weather is too unpredictable to paint! Drive around your town and look at home improvement magazines for inspiration and start visiting hardware stores to peruse their selection and pick up paint chips so you can decide what goes best with your roof and other outdoor fixtures. If you want to change your trim and deck colors, this is the best time to do that! Make sure you are looking at colors that match and will look appealing regardless of the season. A bold color might work well in the warmer seasons, but stick out like a sore thumb after leaves have fallen.


timing is everything, and you don’t want to leave your home only half-painted if you plan on going away for much of the summer. Make sure you set aside enough time to paint your home, deck, steps, and shutters before embarking on your summertime adventures! You should also keep an eye on the weather forecast during the time you are looking to start painting. Starting to paint with rain on the horizon can compromise the paint’s ability to stick to your home’s surfaces and cause streaks and smudging in the partially dried paint. Your lawn and landscaping may also be compromised by additional humidity.

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If you are interested in having your home professionally painted, contact American Painting Company today! We will work with you to choose colors and schedule a time that works best for the weather and your schedule. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.


Paint Your Rooms in Relaxing Colors

When you begin a home renovation, or just decide to paint a room, the overall aesthetic and feeling of the room need to be considered. Certain colors have been determined to increase stress and anxiety in rooms, while others are proven to calm you down. While in your home, you’ll want to be able to maintain a calming atmosphere. Try painting with these colors to keep your home stress-free!

Light Grays

Lighter shades of gray are easy to complement in interior decorating. Gray has subtle undertones that can make light colors pop and tone bright colors down, leaving your room perfectly balanced. Adding touches of white, blue and yellow can create a perfect calming atmosphere at the end of a long day. If you are looking for a slightly darker shade, a gray with blue undertones can have a similar effect.

Pale Pinks and Purples

Darker shades of pink and purple can be brash and difficult to look at for long periods of time, and can even make a room appear smaller. Light shades of lilac, lavender and dusty pink allow for eye-pleasing reflections from natural light.

Cool Blues and Greens

Light shades of blue and green that you may find in nature, such as in grass, water and the sky will reduce stress and, according to Feng Shui, slow your heart rate to a relaxed, even tempo. Cool colors will help you sleep at night and complements many shades while decorating.

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If you are interested in having the interior of your home painted by the professionals, call American Painting Company! Our team will work with you to pick out relaxing shades that match your aesthetic and color scheme and paint each room in an efficient, timely manner. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

Picking Paint Colors for Staging Your Home

You have decided that it’s finally time to sell your home and now comes the hard part: preparing your home to look its best for prospective buyers.

What is Home Staging?

Most homeowners have heard of staging a home. However, what does staging really mean? Home staging is a growing trend among homeowners that can involve one or more of the following:

One of the most important home improvement jobs you should consider to prepare your home for sale involves applying a fresh coat of paint in every room. Many real estate professionals encourage clients to use neutral colors balanced with different shades of white.

However, if you want your home to stand out in the market, we recommend using more robust colors that enhance the appearance of your home.

Sunny Yellow

Mood plays a significant role in determining the decisions of home buyers, and no other color elevates mood more than sunny yellow. Think about how you feel whenever the sun breaks through the clouds for the first time on a gloomy day. Use a yellow that has a slightly creamy look on cabinets and on the trim of your living room. Yellow also brightens a room, especially a room that does not have a window facing the sun during most of the day.

Sophisticated Charcoal

The perception is among some interior designers that using a darker color to paint a room creates smaller space. Yet, choosing the right kind of dark-colored paint offers you a neutral way to highlight stylish design elements, such as a stained cedar oak dresser in a bedroom and a dark blue silk-lined couch in the living room. Charcoal represents a chic paint color that produces more depth on a wall, as well as complements lighter colored furniture and accessories.

Light Blue is the Perfect Hue

Also referred to as bird’s egg blue, light blue is a luxuriously elegant paint option for bedrooms and bathrooms. Light blue produces a calming effect, and it works stylishly well with both classic and contemporary interior home decors. The calming influence bird’s egg blue has is especially important, as it triggers positive emotions in potential buyers. Large bedrooms designed with textiles shaded white are ideal areas of the home to apply light blue paint for staging.

Other paint colors that make beautiful additions to staging your home include rich gray and navy blue. Turn uninviting white painted rooms into stylish rooms prospective buyers will remember by applying visually appealing paint colors in every room of your home.

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If you want to have your home professionally painted before staging it for sale, contact American Painting Company! Representatives from our team will work with you to pick colors for each room and provide you with clean, fresh walls! American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form. 

Benefits of Interior Painting During Winter

interior painting American Painting CompanyWinter doesn’t need to put a halt to all home improvement projects. Some remodeling efforts may actually come out better during the winter! Interior paint jobs can benefit from being performed during colder weather.

Benefits to Winter Painting

When it’s nice and warm outside, there’s more humidity in the air, which effects how your paint will dry. Added moisture in the air can prolong the drying process and affect the paint’s ability to stick to the wall. You may notice unevenness in the color on your walls and streaks across the paint. Cold winter air tends to be crisp and drier, making it the perfect time to get started on that interior paint job you’ve been thinking about all year. It is crucial to remember to crack a window to fully ventilate the room and expose the drying paint to cold air. Although the sun sets earlier in the afternoon, you will be able to get started on painting earlier in the day and be able to see the color dry in natural sunlight, especially reflecting off of any snow on the ground. Starting earlier in the day will also allow you to devote more time in the afternoon and evening to other tasks.

An additional benefit to painting your interior over the winter is the amount of time and money you will be able to dedicate to other projects come spring and summer. You will have the summer to spend on exterior renovations, from gardening to painting your home and deck. The outside of your house will be able to be painted as soon as the weather clears up, especially on a dry stretch without expected rain.

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If you are looking for professionals to complete your next interior painting project, contact American Painting Company today! Our team will prepare your walls and ventilate your home to provide you with the best results possible. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form. 

Choosing the Right Paint Color

Before starting an interior paint job, there are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration, from choosing the right color to the right type of paint.

Keep Your Décor in Mind When Picking a Color

Are you looking to add a splash of color to your home, or maintain neutral tones? If you are looking for just a simple pop of color, consider adding an accent wall to one of the walls of the room you are painting. Choose your accent wall based on lighting, space, and décor. You can also decide to have your trim painted a bolder color against soft, neutral walls. To avoid picking clashing colors, consider color palettes that complement each other. Walking through your home should feel natural, and not like walking through a funhouse. Consider warm or cool colors, and take a look at a color wheel if you’re not sure what will match.

Picking a Color for Your Ceiling

Your ceiling paint does not always have to be white. Depending on the room’s natural light, you can choose almost any soft color or shade in order to give it a warm, open feel. Softer colors may be able to enhance the aesthetic of the room without harsh reflections.

Choosing a Paint Sheen

Choosing a paint sheen is dependent on a few factors: natural light, wall condition and the amount of foot traffic the room sees on a given day. Glossy paint is easier to clean but will show imperfections in your walls more clearly. High gloss paints work well as trim and will complement your walls. Semi-gloss paints are easy to clean and work best in kitchens and bathrooms. If you have patches and imperfections on your walls, flat paint will hide any damage. However, it will show dirt more and is difficult to clean. Eggshell is easy to wash and can stand up to dirt.

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If you are interested in hiring professional painters for your next interior painting project, call American Painting Company today! Our team will fully prepare your walls for painting, from sanding down any imperfections, filling any holes or cracks, priming and using proper ventilation. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form. 

Proper Ventilation for Interior Painting Projects

During the winter, interior painting projects will seem more appealing, especially with the unpredictable New England weather. When taking on an indoor home improvement project, it is important to make sure your home is properly ventilated to keep the air clean and safe to breathe.

Check the humidity

When picking a day to start your project, check the weather report! Painting on dry days will allow you to leave the windows open, which helps with air flow. Depending on the type of paint you use, the humidity levels in the room may rise, which can affect how the paint dries.

Purify the air

Add an air purifier to the room before you begin painting in order to clean the air. An air purifier controls the moisture level in the room while removing toxins from the air. Keep the purifier going as you paint the room, and keep the windows open as the paint dries.

Safety First

Ventilation is important to interior painting, but if you cannot fully ventilate the room you are working in, make sure you wear the proper safety equipment. This includes coveralls to keep your skin covered and a mask to keep dust and paint fumes out of your nose and mouth. These particles can be dangerous if ingested, and keeping the air circulation to reduce the risk of exposure is critical to preventing unnecessary illness to members of your home.

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If you are unsure how to go about properly ventilating a room before painting, contact the professionals at American Painting Company! We will perform any required repairs to dents, scratches, and holes in your walls before painting them in high-quality paint from the top manufacturers in the country, and perform any necessary touch-ups after the job is done. If you are interested in professional interior or exterior painting services, American Painting Company can be reached at 866-385-8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

Does My Painting Project Require Primer?

Priming a wall before paintingBefore beginning to paint a room, most people are faced with one of the biggest questions in home improvement: does this project require a coat of primer? Some people may feel like priming is extra, unnecessary effort since it is the same process as going through and painting the room. However, the primer layer is vital to a clean, solid finish.

When to Prime Your Walls

There are certain situations when priming is vital to the painting process. New walls, especially bare wood or drywall, require primer in order to properly bond the paint. Wood and drywall are incredibly porous and require sealant for a thorough finish. If your walls previously had a glossy coat of paint, you will need primer to make your new color stick. A glossy base coat will not be able to hold the new coat without some sanding. If you are painting the walls a light color over older coats of dark paint, priming will save money in wasted paint. Two to three layers of white primer will do wonders when it comes to making your lighter paint show up on the dark walls, without wasting time painting coat after coat of the more expensive white paint.

Is Primer Ever Unnecessary?

There are a few instances when you may not need to prime the walls before painting. If you are simply applying a coat of the same color to enhance the shade or touch up any marks, priming is generally unnecessary. Some paints are manufactured with primer already mixed in, which can be used on walls in good condition. If your walls are completely clean, you may progress with painting without primer.

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If you are unsure how to go about painting the interior or exterior of your home, leave it to the professionals and contact American Painting Company! We will fix any imperfections on your walls before proceeding with coats of primer and high-quality paint in the color of your choice. Give us a call today at 866-385-8888, or fill out our online contact form!