3 Tips for Choosing the Best Color for Your Front Door

home with painted doorYour front door is the first thing most people see when they pass your home, and it can be used to make a statement and boost your curb appeal. Choosing the right color to complement your home can be a tricky, time-consuming process. Follow these tips to pick the best shade for your front door!

Use a color wheel

While you may want to have a bright, shocking color for your door, it’s important to make sure it goes with the color of your home’s exterior. Using a color wheel allows you to create color schemes based on how paint will contrast and match, making sure the house stays attractive and appear the way you’d like.

Match Your Style

Your home was built with a certain aesthetic in mind, meaning that some colors may not go with its constructed style. For example, a bright yellow door might not match with a Victorian or Colonial home, but a ranch-style house might look perfect with a red door. The materials, including the porch, roof and siding, impact how a door will appear on the building.

Determine the mood you want the door to set

Your front door sets the tone your home projects into the neighborhood, making it stand out or blend in with your neighbors. Your door can be used as a way to help visitors navigate to your house and enhance elements of your yard. Choosing the tone you want to set will help you pick the right color family for your door.

Door Painting Services in Boxford & Georgetown

If you are interested in having your front door painted this spring, contact American Painting Company today! Our team will work with you to determine the best color for your exterior doors to enhance your home in the neighborhood. American Painting Company can be reached by calling 1.866.385.8888 or by filling out our online contact form.

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